Maskcara Beauty Artist

I'm now a Maskcara Beauty Artist! For a while now, I've wanted to have a go-to simple solution for clients who struggle with knowing how to wear their make up for their photo session but who don't necessarily want add in the step of hiring a make up artist. If you have it within your budget to splurge on a make up artist, I say still go this route because they do such great work and you don't have to do anything but walk in and get pampered! However, if you're someone who would rather use the money you'd spend on a make up artist to put towards your wall collection order and you also love make-up, this is a wonderful alternative! Not only can you wear this make up for your session, but if you purchase the full kit you'll be able to wear it as your every day make up as well as on special occassions. 

You can view all of the amazing foundation colors and make up brushes/tools by visiting here.

I did a quick HACing (highlighting and contouring) tutorial to show you how easy the application is and how natural and flawless the end result looks!

I'm happy to color match you and do a complimentary makeover so you know exactly which colors to order! Send me a message if you want to set up a consultation. I'll be announcing dates for my spring sessions soon too!