Jami Leavitt is a traveling photographer currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She travels the United States and beyond telling stories through photographs for her wedding and portrait clients. Originally from the state of Utah, she visits that gorgeous place often, and always with camera in hand. 



With a background in photojournalism, she has a minimalistic and easygoing approach to photographing her clients. At weddings, it’s important to be a chameleon that can blend into the room and capture those unguarded moments that occur naturally. There are moments too, when its important to be the art director and orchestrate the movements of the bride and groom to capture gorgeous images with a lot of emotion. It’s all about the story unfolding and being inspired to tell it and preserve the authenticity of the event. When photographing families and children, the approach is the same; always looking for the story to tell.

She uses natural light and other lighting techniques to infuse warmth into her images and is always looking to capture the most gorgeous and flattering light possible. This is how she maintains her signature look many have come to expect and love when she photographs them. Her style of photography is described as a perfect blend of fresh and classic imagery.

When she’s not behind her camera, she spends her time trying to entertain and keep two tiny humans alive, flirting with her husband, and dreaming of eating tacos on the beach in Mexico. One day she hopes to own her a small movie theater and maybe even write a book. But for now, she sticks to telling her stories through photographs.  

She likes sleeping in, a sun that’s shining, and a daily sip of limonata san Pellegrino. 

            Family photos taken by Andrea Murphy Photography

            Family photos taken by Andrea Murphy Photography